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ACS(BR) Homecoming

ACS(BR) Homecoming on Saturday, 7th March 2015 at 4pm ACS(BR) Campus

Dear all,

We will be holding our ACS(BR) Homecoming on 7th March at 4pm at the Auditorium. It's just a time to mingle and meet up with friends and teachers, both past and present who turn up - so invite all to come join us so that it will truly be a meaningful time together as we celebrate Founder's Day. 

Come home to ACS(BR). Attached is our ACS(BR) Homecoming poster.

Please feel free to email to all and sundry, put on Facebook, print it on your t-shirt and publicise it anyway you can. Tell others as you meet up over the long Chinese New Year ...

This year's programme will be helmed by the cohort of 2014 and we hope to get subsequent batches to own this each year! 

Past batches who are keen to come onboard are always welcome to chip in - with pies, goodies and any other form of contribution.  

Hope to see you there