Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Basketball Zonal Competition

During the December holidays last year, the basketball team trained very hard in preparation for the Zonals and Nationals in 2013. We were involved in Friendly matches with the Malaysian Youth and Team Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor during our training trip last year.

The South Zone Basketball Tournament started in January and we played against Ang Mo Kio Secondary, Catholic High and Fair-Field Methodist School.

We emerged victorious against all three schools with the following scores:

· AMK Secondary (93-10)

· Catholic High (71-60)

· Fairfield Methodist School (72-65)

Each school put up a good fight as they had their own strengths -- be it in defense or offense. It was a humbling experience as we were up against teams with physically stronger players, better defenders and even Basketball Powerhouse Fairfield Methodist School. 

During the second round of the tournament, complacency caught up with us during our match against Pei Cai Secondary School. As one of the semi-finalists for last year’s C’ Division Zonals, they displayed greater perseverance and stronger resilience than our team. It was a setback for the team as we lost to Pei Cai Secondary 55 to 61. From the game, we learnt not to take victory for granted and to work as a team towards our finals.

We managed to pick ourselves up for the next game as we geared up for the match against powerhouse, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School. It was a crucial game as it would determine our continuation in the South Zone Zonals. We were more determined than ever after Mr. Tan, our teachers and coaches motivated us and told us that we were capable of bringing back better results. Their faith and belief in us really spurred us on as we went up against Gan Eng Seng Secondary School. They have always been strong opponents, but with resilience and the newfound determination within us, we managed to win the game with a score of 53-34.

Finally, we were up against Queensway Secondary School’s basketball team that had managed to remain undefeated throughout the qualifying rounds. We were extremely nervous and worried as we were not ready to be defeated again. However, Mr. Tan helped us calm our nerves. We gave it our all and fought hard against them. Alas, our efforts paid off with a score of 63 - 45.

Our biggest challenge so far was the Semi-Final Game against Mayflower Secondary. It was an intense match as it determined who would enter the finals. In the early stages of the game, we led by as many as 13 points. Once again, we were struck by foul trouble after the second quarter and we found ourselves trailing by a point. Spurred on by the loud and encouraging cheers of the supporters, Mr. Peter Tan and our teachers, we started to mount a comeback. Both sides matched toe to toe in terms of game and cheers as both our supporters rallied the players on.

Finally, we managed to bring the game home with a score of 84 - 79. Team Barker is now ready to face Catholic High again in the South Zone Basketball Finals. We are prepared to work as ONE towards victory and to put in our very best as we have always believed ‘ THE BEST IS YET TO BE’!

Team Barker faced Catholic High on Monday,11th and came away triumphant with a score of 62-54, thus retaining their title as champions.

Wriiten by Jordan Wong, 4H2

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